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Nice to meet you.

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elliosmith2 SMALL 2023.jpeg

My site is undergoing some renos, there will be more details coming! Just reach out if there’s anything I can show or tell you about.


If you’re in a hurry:

I’m a Toronto-based creative leader (aka Executive Creative Director) with broad digital, marketing and brand experience. I’ve working with clients ranging from local start ups to global titans. I love them all.


I’m a big believer in the ”people first” approach to leadership: find talented people, empower them and focus on an inclusive, creative culture. Great work will follow.
And thus, so will business success.


I also believe the best creative leaders have passion but not tantrums. They have focus but are not funneled. They are mentors but not micromanagers.


And the really very best ones inspire their colleagues by making this ever-changing business a blast.


Specialties: Building and managing elite teams; digital experience and product design; creative direction and strategy; brand development and purpose; coffee brewing; general cutting up.

My Areas of Focus


Experience & Product Design

Experience Design in the digital realm has been at the heart of most of my career — even before it was called that (remember multi-media and interactive?). It’s also the work that’s been closest to my heart as it continues to evolve and respond to the people it serves.

Brand and Marketing

This type of work is often the most fun and feels the most creative — and thus the most seductive — but conversely it’s also the hardest to make effective. I help clients refine their strategy, then focus on creating solutions that inspire and provoke measurable responses.
Even if it’s just, ”Oh, cool!”

Business of creative.png

The business of creative

Business and creative need each other. You can’t build a great brand without strong creative. And you can’t succeed as a creative unless you understand the business of the brand. I’ve helped build highly effective creative teams by recognizing that a balance of skillset (able to create great work) and mindset (able to do it in a goal-oriented way) is essential to collective success. And I make sure it’s fun along the way.

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